(basically just a carrd. NEED TO UPDATE THIS TOO STILL)



this website is a work in progress. meaning there is probably a bunch of stuff missing and broken. watch your step :P

it is also best viewed with:
- a screen at least 1024px wide
- google chrome
- javascript enabled (webrings, art gallery, sfx, and other decorational things)
- a computer (desktop, laptop, whatever)

website also works fine on microsoft edge. looks awful on safari (working on optimizing). not yet tested on other browsers. best to view in landscape, and you may need to zoom out a bit for things to appear correctly

content warnings...

my website contains SOME sensitive content (thats really just mostly depicted in my art.)

this includes:
- profanity (swearing)
- dark topics (trauma, death, gore, etc.)
- bright/flashing colors + image effects

if youre not cool with any of this, TURN AROUND!!!!

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04/14/24 note Like half of the stuff is broken BUT im working on fixing everything. give me a bit soz